Weed Hook up in Yerevan, Armenia

Weed Hook up in Yerevan

For those who enjoy delving into history and exploring mysterious locales, Yerevan is the perfect destination. With its rich historical tapestry, this city beckons travelers seeking cultural immersion. It stands as a captivating hub where ancient monuments and architectural marvels weave together to tell tales of the past.

Armenia’s attractions extend beyond its ancient architectural wonders to encompass its vibrant traditions, customs, and mouthwatering national cuisine. In Yerevan, the opportunities for exploration are endless. Friendlystoners offers valuable insights into cannabis laws and accessing weed in the city.

Cannabis Laws in Armenia

In Yerevan, cannabis remains illegal, with strict laws in place to combat drug addiction and trafficking. Penalties for possession, sale, or use of weed are severe:

  • Possession of small amounts for personal use can result in up to two months’ imprisonment, a fine, or community service.
  • Larger possession can lead to a maximum three-year prison sentence.
  • Illegal sales carry a 4–8 year prison term, with harsher penalties for larger quantities or sales to minors.
  • Involvement in distributing or selling cannabis as part of a group can result in a five-to ten-year prison sentence.

While the enforcement of these laws may vary, with police sometimes prioritizing more serious offenses, the consequences for violating cannabis laws in Armenia remain significant.

How and Where to get weed in Yerevan

Despite its illegality, weed is widely used in Yerevan, particularly among young individuals. Accessing quality weed can be challenging unless you have connections in the city. The city center is a common area for sourcing weed, although caution is advised due to the prevalence of synthetic and counterfeit products. Asking too openly may lead to scams. Additionally, smoking weed is not culturally accepted in Armenia.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Yerevan.

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