Weed Hook up in Aachen, Germany

Weed Hook up in Aachen:

Aachen, a spa city near Germany’s borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, boasts the Aachen Cathedral founded around 800 A.D. with a later Gothic chancel. The Domschatzkammer (treasury) holds medieval artifacts, including the shrine of Charlemagne, buried here in 814 A.D. The baroque Aachener Rathaus, adorned with 19th-century frescoes, is nearby. Elisenbrunnen fountains are filled with sulfurous water.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany/Cannabis in Aachen

In Aachen, as in other German cities, hook up with weed is legal for specific medical situations but illegal for recreational use, with minor possession often not prosecuted. About 4 million German adults reportedly use cannabis as of 2022. The coalition formed after the 2021 German federal election expressed intentions to legalize recreational cannabis in their agreement, but specific legislation for this purpose has not been introduced yet.
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Where and How to find weed in Aachen

Please be mindful that hook up with weed remains illegal in Germany, including Aachen. However, despite this, there is a hotspot around the student area where some may suggest buying weed, particularly in the evening near the university. In this context, individuals of certain backgrounds, like Black guys, are known to sell weed, though their prices may be higher, though the quality is acceptable. On the other hand, Arabs or Turks may offer hash, considered acceptable, and their prices appear somewhat more reasonable. Usually, you may encounter either Black guys or Arabs, but not at the same time. If you make eye contact, they might initiate the transaction. Remember, engaging in such activities is against the law.

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