Weed Hook up in Amman

Weed Hook up in Amman

Hook up with weed is illegal in Amman. The city strictly prohibits the cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis for recreational use. Moreover, the production, sale, and possession of any medicinal marijuana products are also criminalized, carrying significant penalties.

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: While enforcement is rare, marijuana and related activities remain illegal in Jordan according to its laws.

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Law enforcement in Amman

Police in Jordan often lack knowledge about drugs, especially the average cop on the street. There have been instances where some officers in downtown assumed marijuana is used similarly to cocaine. Certain cigarettes found among builders, primarily Egyptian nationals, might resemble those used by marijuana enthusiasts and occasionally carry a similar smell.

Where to buy marijuana: Typically, people procure weed through connections with friends within closed communities. Despite Amman’s size, information tends to circulate swiftly within social circles, emphasizing the importance of keeping such matters among trusted friends.

Marijuana prices: Prices fluctuate based on the season.

Marijuana brands: “Blond” (known as Shagar) is a highly potent pollen that easily crumbles upon slight touch. It’s notably strong.

Smoking in Jordan appears to follow seasonal patterns, with periods of abundance and dry spells. When purchasing, it’s advisable to obtain enough to last through the scarcity periods. Varieties like “Petra” (blonde), “Happy Family,” “Jamila” (black hash), and occasional buds are available.

Additional information: Accusations of distribution or marijuana use can lead to intense interrogations, as some reporters have experienced firsthand. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to smoke only in a secure, enclosed, and private environment, and to possess only what is truly necessary.

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