Weed Hook up in Antalya, Turkey

Weed Hook up in Antalya

Locating Cannabis in Antalya: Antalya ranks among Turkey’s most beloved coastal getaways. Nestled along the Turkish Riviera, the city is enveloped by a plethora of hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Whether you choose to unwind within your resort or explore the nearby historical attractions, your visit promises not to disappoint. With splendid cuisine, delightful weather, and stunning beaches, the desire to indulge in marijuana is entirely understandable. However, it’s crucial to remember that Turkish drug laws are stringent, making it challenging for Western visitors to find cannabis in Turkey, including Antalya. Read more from the world’s best weed guide Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Antalya.

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Cannabis laws in Turkey

When it comes to drug regulations, Turkey has a well-known reputation for its strict enforcement. Even having a small quantity of cannabis in your possession can lead to imprisonment. In cases involving minimal amounts, you might receive probation or be required to attend a drug rehabilitation program. Nevertheless, a court appearance is mandatory, which often implies spending a few days in jail before your court date.

Engaging in marijuana use in Turkey is a risky endeavor, and getting caught can jeopardize your vacation plans. If you do choose to partake, exercise extreme discretion and avoid using it in public places.

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Finding weed in Antalya

Hook up with weed in Istanbul is notably easier compared to Antalya. However, if Istanbul is not within your travel plans, you might still have a chance to find some in Antalya. You’ll need to inquire with the locals, but exercise caution, as not everyone in Turkey is receptive to marijuana use. Your best approach is to ask around at bars. The quality and cost of weed can fluctuate significantly. As a visitor, you might anticipate paying a slightly higher price, but the usual rate for weed is around 10 euros per gram.

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