Weed Hook up in Bochum, Germany

Weed Hook up in Bochum:

Bochum, situated in western Germany, boasts the German Mining Museum, which showcases its mining and steel production history. The museum’s winding tower provides scenic city views. For art enthusiasts, the Bochum Art Museum exhibits Eastern European and modern artworks. Within the beautifully landscaped Stadtpark, you’ll find the Tierpark und Fossilium, a zoo with an impressive fossil collection. Additionally, the Zeiss Planetarium nearby offers astronomy shows.

Feel free to share your thoughts below, but please be mindful that hook up with weed is illegal in Germany, including Bochum.

Cannabis Laws in Germany/Cannabis in Bochum

Like to other German towns, Bochum has laws against the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, while possession of small amounts is sometimes tolerated in specific limited medicinal situations. In Germany, there will be 4 million adult users of cannabis by 2022.
Although specific legislation to this effect has not yet been drafted, the coalition that was formed in Germany following the 2021 federal election declared in their coalition agreement that they intend to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

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How and Where to buy weed in Bochum

Keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal in Germany as the first thing you need to know. There is one popular location in Bochum where most people would initially advise you how to hook up with weed. This location is near the student district when dusk falls. Black men frequently sell marijuana, but they charge a high price even though the marijuana is decent. Hash is sold by Arabs or Turks, which is acceptable, and it seems to me that their prices are a little lower.
Arabs or black men are more frequently encountered; they never appear to be there at the same moment.
Establish eye contact, and they will start the conversation.

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