Weed Hook up in Bremen, Germany

Weed Hook up in Bremen:

Northwest Germany’s Bremen is a city that sits on each side of the Weser River. The Hanseatic buildings in the Market Square serve as a reminder of its significance in maritime trade. Large model ships may be found in the top chamber of the elaborate and Gothic town hall, which also has a Renaissance facade. The Roland statue, a huge stone representation that stands nearby and represents trade freedom. Twin spires and medieval crypts can be seen at St. Peter’s Cathedral.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany

Hook up with weed is prohibited for recreational purposes in Bremen, just like it is in all other German cities, yet possession of small amounts is occasionally not prosecuted. In Germany, there will be 4 million adult users of cannabis by 2022.
The coalition resulting from the 2021 German federal election declared in their agreement their intention to legalize recreational cannabis use, though no concrete legislation for its implementation has been introduced thus far.
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How and Where to find weed in Bremen

Keep in mind that hook up with weed is still illegal in Germany as the first thing you need to know. There is one popular location in Bremen where most people would initially advise you to purchase marijuana. It is close to the student area. When it is beginning to become dark at the university. Black men frequently sell marijuana, but they charge a high price even though the marijuana is decent. Hash is sold by Arabs or Turks, which is acceptable, and it seems to me that their prices are a little lower.
Arabs or black men are more frequently encountered; they never appear to be there at the same moment.
Establish eye contact, and they will start the conversation.

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