Weed Hook up in Budva, Montenegro

Weed Hook up in Budva

Budva, often considered Montenegro’s equivalent to Dubrovnik, stands as a sought-after tourist destination. It serves as the nation’s tourism hub, boasting a beautifully preserved medieval city center, splendid beaches, and access to the picturesque Adriatic coast. The city offers an array of culinary delights, cultural experiences, and attractions for all visitors. However, it’s important to note that cannabis is highly illegal and challenging to procure in Budva. For further insights into Montenegro’s cannabis laws and any potential sources in Budva, read on.

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Cannabis laws in Montenegro

Is weed legal in Budva? As with its neighboring countries, Croatia and Serbia, Montenegro maintains strict drug prohibitions. Activities such as trafficking, selling, and cultivating weed are all illegal and carry significant legal consequences. It’s crucial to avoid engaging in such activities. Possession of marijuana is also against the law, but for a small quantity, you may typically face a fine and, in some cases, a brief period of detention. In the event of being caught smoking, there’s a notable chance that law enforcement may seek a bribe, with the amounts varying but potentially being substantial. Explorer more here how to hook up with weed in Montenegro.

Unfortunately, Montenegro’s stance on cannabis remains conservative. Smoking weed is generally disapproved of, particularly among the older generations, and even medicinal cannabis is not permitted. While there are great places to enjoy weed in Budva, it’s advisable to opt for more private settings and refrain from smoking in public areas.

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How and Where to get weed in Budva

Due to stringent laws, finding weed dealers on the streets in Budva can be quite limited. However, your best bet is to visit a nightclub or bar and discreetly inquire among the staff, as many of them are young and likely cannabis users who could potentially help you. It’s advisable to establish some rapport with them before approaching the topic, rather than asking random individuals. Prices for tourists may differ, but anticipate spending between 10-15 euros per gram. You can get more tips about how to hook up with weed from Friendlystoners.

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