Weed Hook up in Burgas, Bulgaria

Weed Hook up in Burgas

Burgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, is located on the Black Sea coast near Sunny Beach. It is widely recognized as one of Bulgaria’s most appealing cities and a highly desirable place to reside. With its stunning beach, particularly enjoyable during the summer, Burgas becomes an ideal spot for cannabis enthusiasts. Friendlystoners guide on where to find cannabis in Burgas.

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Cannabis laws in Bulgaria

In Burgas, Bulgaria, marijuana is strictly prohibited, encompassing both medical and recreational use. It is categorized as a class A (high-risk) drug, placing it alongside substances like heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and MDMA. The Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control Act dictate that cultivating, possessing, and selling marijuana are illegal, although farmers can obtain government permits to grow industrial hemp.

Cannabis holds the title of being the most frequently consumed illegal drug in Burgas, with an estimated 10% of young adults having experimented with it. The country enforces strict drug laws, viewing cannabis as posing a “high degree of risk to public health due to its harmful effects when abused.”

Potential Penalties:

Cannabis is classified as a List 1 “high-risk drug” in Bulgaria. Possession of any amount is against the law, although minor quantities (like a single joint) are considered a minor offense and can result in fines. Consuming cannabis in Burgas is seen as an administrative offense and is also subject to fines.

Possession of significant quantities constitutes a criminal offense, carrying potential penalties of one to six years in prison. Additionally, trafficking cannabis can lead to sentences of two to eight years in jail. The determination of a “large amount” is not based on a fixed quantity but rather on the street value of the cannabis in one’s possession. Explorer more from the world’s best weed guide Friendlystoners.

How and Where to get weed in Burgas

Hook up with weed in Burgas isn’t a simple task. While cannabis consumption is becoming more common among the younger generation, it doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity as vapes, cigarettes, or alcohol. The strict laws in place mean that even possessing a small amount of cannabis can lead to imprisonment. However, some individuals have succeeded in obtaining weed in Burgas. If you’re looking to make a purchase, approaching someone who seems like a cannabis enthusiast, often found around, and discreetly inquiring about availability can be an option. However, be cautious, as they might attempt to overcharge if they sense you’re unfamiliar with local pricing.

Concerning pricing, obtaining cannabis at €15 per gram would be considered a good deal in Burgas, but occasionally, it can go as high as €20 per gram, largely depending on its quality.

It’s essential to note that the strains available in Burgas aren’t as diverse or high-quality as those found in other countries, primarily due to the absence of exotic strains. Hashish is more prevalent than traditional weed, so you may have to settle for that.

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