Weed Hook up in Cesis, Latvia

Weed Hook up in Cesis:

Cēsis, situated in northeastern Latvia, is famed for its medieval fortress, Cēsis Castle. Originally constructed in the 13th century and undergoing multiple reconstructions, the castle boasts wall paintings, dungeons, and towers offering picturesque views. The surrounding Castle Park encompasses an ancient brewery, a cemetery, and the Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Church. Within the castle grounds stands the 18th-century Castle Manor House, now housing the Cēsis History and Art Museum. You can explorer more information about how to hook up with weed in Latvia from the world’s best weed guide Friendlystoners.

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Cannabis Laws in Latvia

The use of cannabis in Latvia is strictly prohibited for both recreational and medical use. However, the cultivation of industrial hemp is allowed. If caught with up to 1 gram of cannabis, individuals may face fines of up to 280 euros. For subsequent offenses within a year, criminal charges can be pressed. Possession of larger amounts of cannabis can result in a severe penalty of up to 15 years of imprisonment.

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Where to get weed in Cesis

It’s important to emphasize that marijuana is illegal in Cesis, but it’s widely consumed in the city. If you’re looking for tips and a guide to the city… Acquiring weed in Cesis is not a legal option; it involves obtaining it from the black market. You might try approaching areas where students frequent in the country and ask individuals who appear to be cannabis users. However, exercise caution as they might attempt to overcharge you if they perceive you to be unfamiliar with pricing. Be vigilant and use your best judgment if you decide to proceed.

In Cesis, the available strains are not of the same quality as those found in other countries due to the absence of exotic strains. Hashish is more prevalent than weed, so you may need to settle for that. The cost of high-quality weed in Cesis is relatively high, typically ranging between EUR 10 to EUR 20 per gram.Read more from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Cesis.

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