Weed Hook up in Corfu, Greece

Weed Hook up in Corfu

If you’re currently in Greece and wondering about the legal status of weed in Corfu, this article will shed light on why Corfu can be an appealing destination for summer tourists seeking cannabis.

Corfu is an enchanting island located off the northwest coast of Greece, nestled in the picturesque Ionian Sea. Its landscape is characterized by rugged mountains and a coastline adorned with resorts. The island’s cultural heritage is a testament to its historical journey, marked by periods of Venetian, French, and British rule, before ultimately joining Greece in 1864.

Corfu Town, the island’s capital, is graced by two imposing Venetian fortresses and offers a captivating blend of winding medieval alleys, a French-style arcade, and the magnificent Palace of St. Michael and St. George. It’s in this intriguing setting that you may find Corfu to be an appealing destination for your summer travels, especially if you’re interested in exploring the local cannabis scene. Read on more how to hook up with weed from this article.

Cannabis Laws in Greece

Regarding the legal status of weed in Corfu, Greece, it’s important to note that Greek society can exhibit conservative tendencies, which also extend to its stance on cannabis. The possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana are all prohibited activities. Typically, individuals found in possession of small quantities may face fines. However, there’s a crucial caveat: a judge must render a judgment on the case. Consequently, individuals apprehended with weed may spend a day or two in jail until their court appearance.

Hook up with weed in Corfu carries more significant risks compared to more lenient countries like Spain and Italy, where milder consequences might apply. The prospect of spending time in jail while on vacation can mar your holiday experience. Hence, it’s advisable to exercise discretion and caution when it comes to smoking weed in Greece.

How and Where to buy weed in Corfu

Corfu, with its university and permanent population, has a community of locals who use marijuana. However, as a tourist, hook up with weed on the island can be challenging unless you have local connections. The most favorable time to purchase weed in Corfu is during the evening around the student area. You may occasionally spot students enjoying weed joints in discreet locations. Additionally, if you’re inclined towards clubbing, you’ll have an easier time finding weed in Corfu. Places like Barocco Beach Bar and Maria’s Famous Karaoke Fun Pub may have individuals who indulge, so striking up a friendly conversation with them could lead to assistance in obtaining something to smoke. Typically, a gram of marijuana in Corfu costs around 15 euros.

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