Weed Hook up in Costa del Sol, Spain

Weed Hook up in Costa del Sol

The name “Costa del Sol,” meaning “Coast of the Sun,” aptly captures the essence of this destination. Drawing millions of tourists annually, it stands as one of Spain’s primary tourist hotspots. Offering sun-soaked beaches, sangria, tapas, and even cannabis, it’s a multifaceted attraction. While marijuana isn’t officially legalized in Spain, the country maintains a relaxed attitude toward it, making it fairly easy to purchase weed in Costa del Sol. Continue reading our article to delve into cannabis laws and discover how to hook up with weed in this vibrant region.

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Cannabis Laws in Spain

Hook up with weed in Costa del Sol operates within a legal gray area in Spain. Trafficking and sales of cannabis remain illegal and can lead to imprisonment, but the laws are more lenient regarding personal use. While growing and possessing marijuana in private spaces is permissible, stepping outside with it breaks the law.

For personal use, possessing marijuana is considered a misdemeanor. If caught by the police, they’ll likely issue a fine and confiscate the pot. Many individuals openly purchase weed in Costa del Sol, often feeling safe doing so in public areas, but caution around law enforcement is advised. Smoking marijuana is common, especially at night on the beaches, generally without major issues.

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How and Where to buy weed in Costa del Sol

It’s often quite easy to stumble upon hash or weed in Costa del Sol, particularly if you’re in your twenties. Otherwise, a bit of inquiry might be necessary. Dealers tend to appear during the evenings along main streets or at the bustling nightclubs. Hash is more readily available than weed and usually requires just a few inquiries. The usual price per gram ranges from 8 to 10 euros, but visitors might end up paying more.

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