Weed Hook up in Curacao

Find Weed Hook up in Curacao

Curacao, part of the Dutch Caribbean, stands out for its vast coral reefs bustling with marine life and secluded beaches tucked into coves. Its capital, Willemstad, boasts the 17th-century sand-floored Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, the iconic floating Queen Emma Bridge, and colonial buildings painted in soft pastel hues. Serving as an entryway to western beaches, Curacao offers renowned diving spots like the famous Blue Bay. If you’re wondering about how to hook up with weed in Curacao, read on to discover why it’s a destination favored by tourists seeking cannabis during the summer…

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Cannabis Laws in Curacao

Although hook up with weed is illegal in Curacao, it’s often tolerated by the government, a fact unknown to many. Similarly, in Curacao, a Dutch territory, there’s little deviation. Police often overlook tourists smoking joints, despite it being against the law and potentially resulting in severe penalties. Additionally, there have been instances where police solicit bribes.

Smoking weed in Curacao might not pose significant concerns, but it’s advisable to refrain from doing so in public and aim to minimize cannabis possession.

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How and Where to get weed in Curacao

Despite being illegal in Curacao, hook up with weed there is relatively accessible. At Mambo Beach, spending some time and approaching a trendy bartender might lead to connections. Men frequenting the relaxed beach bars or nearby pubs could also assist.

Young entrepreneurs near the taxi stand or the end of the floating bridge often facilitate such transactions. While it’s widespread, having a connection with a local tends to make it easier ;-). Inquire around at Zanzibar or consider asking a cab driver for assistance.

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