Weed Hook up in Feldkirch, Austria

Weed Hook up in Feldkirch

Feldkirch, situated in the western Austrian state of Vorarlberg, is a captivating medieval town bordered by Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It holds the distinction of being the administrative center of the Feldkirch district and stands as the second most populous town in Vorarlberg, following Dornbirn. Notably, Feldkirch also marks the westernmost point in Austria, located on the banks of the river Rhine, where the tripoint between Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein converges.

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Cannabis laws in Austria

In Austria, hook up with weed remains prohibited for recreational use, despite its widespread availability. However, medicinal marijuana is legal and can be accessed for therapeutic purposes. The enforcement of laws primarily focuses on targeting manufacturers and dealers rather than the general public. As a result, the situation is not without its challenges, as recreational use is still illegal, but there is a degree of discretion in enforcing penalties on individual users.

If apprehended by the police with marijuana, they will assess whether the quantity you are carrying is for personal use or intended for sale. For small quantities, the maximum penalty is six months in prison.
Nonetheless, it is unlikely for you to receive the maximum penalty, especially if you are a tourist, as you might have the chance to receive a warning. On the other hand, as a local, you can typically expect either a fine or enrollment in a rehabilitation program as the usual outcomes.

Where to get quality weed in Feldkirch

Hook up with weed in Feldkirch is relatively easy. The city itself serves as an excellent place to discover cannabis in Austria; all you need to do is venture out and explore. Inevitably, you will come across many smokers and dealers in parks or on the streets.

It’s essential to keep in mind that if you are carrying a large quantity of weed, the police may arrest you under the suspicion of being a dealer.

On average, quality weed is priced at 10 to 20 euros per gram. Before making any transactions with a dealer, it is always prudent to ask to inspect the weed before handing over any money

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