Weed Hook up in Freiburg, Germany

Weed Hook up in Freiburg:

Freiburg im Breisgau, a vibrant university city nestled in the Black Forest of southwest Germany, is celebrated for its temperate climate and beautifully reconstructed medieval old town, graced with picturesque brooks known as “bächle”. The surrounding highlands offer Schlossberg hill as a hiking destination, connected to Freiburg by a funicular.

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Cannabis Laws in Germany

Cannabis remains illegal for recreational use. Weed hook up in Freiburg is legal for specific medical purposes. Possession of small quantities may not always lead to prosecution.

After the 2021 German federal election, the resulting coalition announced in their coalition agreement they plan to legal cannabis for recreation.
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How and Where to get weed in Freiburg

Important to note, hook up with weed remains illegal in Germany. In Freiburg, a well-known hotspot for purchasing is the park next to the Central Train Station, just a brief 1 to 2-minute walk away, situated west of the station.
Given the park’s diverse attendance, it’s advisable to proceed with caution and approach inquiries discreetly. Keep in mind the risks involved in attempting to buy weed illegally and consider the potential consequences.

I suggest asking students in Freiburg, as it’s a vibrant student city with a large student population, making it easy to find cannabis. Look for students who appear like stoners; they’ll likely guide you in the right direction. Making friends with students or local kids is highly recommended, as they can help you connect with weed in Freiburg. Cannabis is illegal in Germany.

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