Weed hook up in Granada, Spain

Weed hook up in Granada

Granada, although an hour’s drive from the coast, holds much allure for travelers. Its rich history, deeply rooted and evident in the city, is a fascinating blend of Islamic and Christian influences, reflected in its striking architecture. Beyond its historical significance, Spain’s distinct marijuana culture and renowned tapas cuisine add to Granada’s appeal. For guidance on hook up with weed in Granada, the cannabis travel guide from Friendlystoners offers valuable tips. Keep reading!

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Cannabis Laws in Spain – Cannabis in Granada

In Granada, Spain’s drug policy toward marijuana differs significantly from many other European nations. While possessing, using, and growing cannabis at home is legal, hook up with weed in Granada remains illegal, though penalties are often lenient unless dealing with significant quantities. It’s common to encounter the scent of marijuana in certain areas, as many young people in Spain use it. Cannabis clubs, resembling those in the Netherlands, have emerged in Spanish cities, providing members access to purchase weed in Granada. Access typically requires a recommendation from an existing club member. While authorities generally take a lenient approach, it’s important to exercise caution and respect despite the relaxed attitude toward marijuana use.

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Where and How to buy weed in Granada, Spain

In Granada, hook up with weed can be relatively straightforward. Exploring bustling tourist areas often leads to opportunities to purchase marijuana. If not, seeking out Moroccans or hippies can guide you to sources or direct sales. Calle Elvira, an Arab-influenced street adorned with various items, is a known spot where dealers often offer hash or weed. Plaza Nueva is another notable location for purchasing weed in Granada. Prices typically range between 10 and 15 euros for marijuana, depending on quality and the seller. Hash, known for its good quality, is priced between 5 and 10 euros per gram.

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