Weed Hook up in Kaunas, Lithuania

Weed Hook up in Kaunas

Kaunas, nestled at the meeting point of the Nemunas and Neris rivers in central Lithuania, stands proud as the country’s alternative center and a vibrant party destination. Fueled by a bustling student population, the city’s nightlife thrives along the tree-lined Laisves Aleja and within the historic center, filled with numerous craft bars and hidden watering holes.You can read more about how to hook up with weed from Friendlystoners.

During the day, exploring Kaunas involves discovering the remnants of the red-brick Kaunas Castle and meandering through the captivating cobblestone alleys of the Old Town. This district, renowned for its medieval charm, boasts delightful merchant guilds and a stunning city hall.

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Cannabis Laws in Lithuania

In Kaunas, hook up with weed remains illegal under Lithuania’s current laws. While hemp is the only plant allowed for industrial use, there’s no established medical cannabis program. Possessing even a small amount of weed for personal use is against the law and theoretically punishable by imprisonment. This makes obtaining weed in Kaunas highly challenging.

If found with a small quantity, the consequence may likely be a fine and possibly a brief jail term. However, involvement in cultivating or selling cannabis carries a significant risk of imprisonment.

For visitors to Kaunas, it’s advisable to refrain from smoking weed in public or attempting to buy it openly in Lithuania due to the strict laws. Nonetheless, ongoing discussions about potentially decriminalizing cannabis might lead to changes in the future.

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Where and How to get weed in Kaunas

If you’re unfamiliar with locals in Kaunas and looking to buy weed, Laisves Aleja boulevard is often regarded as a key spot in the city. Simply take a stroll and you might encounter teenagers smoking weed or individuals who appear to be sellers. Typically, they offer weed at around 15 euros per gram, but there’s a common practice of dealers trying to take advantage of tourists. Quality varies depending on the source, but generally, it tends to be subpar. Explorer more ideas how to hook up with weed from the world’s best weed guide Friendlystoners.

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