Weed Hook up in Konya, Turkey

Weed Hook up in Konya:

Konya, a substantial and industrially advanced city, is situated in central Turkey, positioned on the southwestern border of the Central Anatolian Plateau. It serves as the capital of Konya Province and is known for its reputation for social conservatism, which often contrasts with its numerous forward-thinking urban initiatives. In ancient times and throughout the Seljuk era, the city was recognized as Iconium, although the Seljuks also referred to it as Darü’l-Mülk, signifying the “seat of government.” In 19th-century English accounts of the city, it was commonly spelled as Konia or Koniah. Explorer more from Friednlystoners how to hook up with weed in Turkey.

As of the year 2021, the population of the Metropolitan Province reached 2,277,017, ranking it as the seventh most populous city in Turkey. Among this population, 1,390,051 residents resided in the three primary urban districts of Meram, Selçuklu, and Karatay.

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Cannabis Law in Turkey

In Turkey, strict regulations govern cannabis, and any involvement in cannabis-related activities is strictly forbidden. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that despite these stringent laws, there is a relatively high level of openness among approximately 30% of Istanbul’s population when it comes to cannabis usage. It’s essential to understand that cannabis remains illegal, and if you are caught with it, you risk facing legal penalties and potential imprisonment.

The situation differs for tourists. If tourists find themselves in a legal predicament with law enforcement, there is a notable possibility that some officers may be open to accepting a bribe as a resolution. This highlights the contrasting treatment between locals and tourists when it comes to cannabis-related incidents in Turkey.

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Where to Get Weed in Konya

As mentioned earlier, a significant portion of Turkey’s population engages in cannabis consumption, making it relatively straightforward to locate high-quality cannabis. Many younger individuals are cannabis enthusiasts, and approaching them with a positive attitude often results in their willingness to help. It’s advisable to exercise caution and verify the quality of the cannabis before making a purchase, as there have been several reports of scams in these regions. Staying within well-populated areas and avoiding dimly lit alleyways is a prudent practice.

Cannabis Prices 

Even if you lack the necessary contacts, obtaining high-quality cannabis in Turkey is still attainable. Explore the recommended locations mentioned earlier, and always assess the cannabis quality before making a purchase. Generally, cannabis of decent quality starts at approximately $15 per gram. If you’re interested in procuring larger quantities, the per-gram price may decrease to around $10. Hashish is also prevalent and readily available in Turkey, and it’s an experience worth trying while you’re in the country. A well-made hashish brick typically costs about $5 per gram.

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