Weed Hook up in Kuwait

Weed Hook up in Kuwait:

Kuwait, officially known as the State of Kuwait, occupies a spot in Western Asia, positioned at the northern edge of Eastern Arabia along the Persian Gulf’s tip. Its borders touch Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south, while also having maritime boundaries with Iran. With a coastline stretching approximately 500 kilometers (311 miles), Kuwait’s major population centers gather in the urban cluster of its capital, Kuwait City. As of 2022, the population stands at 4.67 million, including 1.85 million Kuwaiti citizens and 2.8 million foreign nationals from diverse origins spanning over 100 countries. Regarding cannabis, it remains illegal for both recreational and medicinal purposes in Kuwait. Explorer more ideas how to hook up with weed in Kuwait from the best weed guide Friendlystoners.

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Cannabis laws in Kuwait

The Middle East is known for its conservative nature. In Kuwait, hook up with weed is strictly illegal for any use, and possessing even small quantities is considered a criminal offense, carrying severe penalties of substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences. Medical cannabis is also banned. Approximately 3.1% of Kuwait’s population reported using cannabis within the past year.


Having or using cannabis for personal reasons can lead to a two-year imprisonment along with fines. Punishments for drug-related offenses can be extremely harsh, even extending to the death penalty.

Getting weed in Kuwait

Locals who smoke often have their own connections and dealers. However, there’s no chance of encountering a random person on the street willing to sell—such actions could lead to severe consequences, including the death penalty. It’s strongly advised against openly hook up with weed or hash while walking around. Prices fluctuate, but generally, everything is incredibly costly.

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