Weed Hook up in Lviv, Ukraine

Weed Hook up in Lviv

Lviv, the largest city in Western Ukraine and the sixth largest in the country, is home to approximately 717,510 people as of 2021. This city stands as one of Ukraine’s primary cultural hubs and derives its name from Leo, the eldest son of Daniel, the King of Ruthenia.

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Cannabis laws in Ukraine

Ukraine, in general, upholds strict drug legislation, with a clear distinction between personal use and the sale of cannabis. If caught with less than 5 grams of marijuana, you would face an administrative infraction and a fine. The exact amount of the fine depends on your financial circumstances but typically does not exceed 50 euros. For foreigners, the police might attempt to exert pressure and solicit a bribe, a practice not uncommon in Ukraine. However, any such bribe should generally not exceed 50 euros.

Possessing more than 5 grams of marijuana or engaging in its sale can result in imprisonment. Ukrainian cannabis laws are relatively lenient towards minor-scale users, but it is advisable to exercise discretion to avoid any encounters with law enforcement.

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Finding weed in Lviv

In Lviv, cannabis is quite accessible. Dealers can often be spotted in parks or around metro stations. However, it’s worth noting that these dealers typically don’t offer high-quality cannabis and might attempt to exploit buyers. It’s a better idea to seek guidance from locals on where to obtain good-quality cannabis. They generally have a good sense of reliable sources. The usual price per gram is approximately $4 to $5. Cannabis is often sold in matchboxes containing 2.5 or 5 grams, so it’s advisable not to carry more than 5 grams with you.

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