Weed Hook up in Moscow, Russia

Weed Hook up in Moscow

Hook up with weed in Moscow, Russia, can be a tempting idea while enjoying the city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and lively nightlife. However, it’s essential to be aware of Russia’s strict cannabis regulations, as possessing excessive amounts could lead to legal complications. To learn more about acquiring cannabis or weed in Moscow, please read on Friendlystoners.

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Cannabis laws in Russia

Similar to many Eastern European nations, Russia maintains strict regulations regarding cannabis. Possessing less than 6 grams of marijuana and 3 grams of hashish may result in fines but not criminal charges. However, carrying larger quantities can lead to more serious legal consequences. It’s essential to exercise great caution and discretion when acquiring or using marijuana in Russia. The country generally maintains a conservative stance on drugs, and smoking may not be well-received by locals and law enforcement.

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Where to get weed in Moscow

Hook up with weed in Moscow can prove more challenging for foreigners compared to other European countries. Finding dedicated weed dealers might not be as common. Your best approach would be to approach young individuals and inquire about cannabis. Look for people smoking in clubs, particularly the more alternative ones, and strike up a conversation. You can also find amicable individuals in parks who are often open to the idea of smoking and may speak English.

In terms of cost, anticipate spending approximately 15-20 euros per gram in Moscow, as the availability of weed is comparatively higher than in many other cities.

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