Weed Hook up in Ohrid, Macedonia

Weed Hook up in Ohrid

Ohrid stands as Macedonia’s premier tourist spot and ranks among the most frequented destinations in the Balkans. This historically rich city holds the prestigious designation of a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. Renowned for its 365 churches, a striking fortress, a mesmerizing lake, and captivating architecture, Ohrid offers a picturesque setting. While enjoying the scenic views, some may suggest the idea of smoking a joint. However, it’s important to note that marijuana remains illegal in Macedonia and carries a taboo perception among many. For a detailed guide on how to hook up with weed in Ohrid, continue reading.

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Cannabis laws in Macedonia

While some older individuals in Macedonia, similar to others in Balkan nations, still view cannabis as a dangerous substance, there have been positive strides. In 2016, certain marijuana-infused therapeutic products were legalized. However, presently, hook up with weed remains illegal, and its usage could result in imprisonment. Possession of even a small amount may lead to a few hours or a night in jail and fines.

It’s advisable to refrain from smoking marijuana in public in Ohrid. Given its prohibition and opposition from many residents, keeping any cannabis hidden is crucial, as being detained for a night could significantly impact your trip.

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Getting weed in Ohrid

Hook up with weed in Ohrid is highly challenging due to Macedonia’s stringent laws and the country’s conservative stance on the drug. Street vendors for cannabis are nonexistent, making it necessary to seek help from locals. Attempting to approach young individuals and asking for assistance in connecting with a source might be an option. Nevertheless, procuring weed in Ohrid will prove to be exceptionally difficult, regardless of your efforts.

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