Weed Hook up in Prague

Weed Hook up in Prague

In Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, known as Europe’s top party destination, you can enjoy good beer and hook up with weed without much worry. Read on to learn more about the cannabis scene in Prague.

Cannabis Law in Prague:

The Czech Republic adopts a fairly relaxed approach to drug legislation, with cannabis being decriminalized. This means you can have up to 15 grams of marijuana without facing criminal charges; instead, you may receive a fine, though it’s not considered legal.

The fines can be significant, up to 15,000 CZK (approximately $680 USD), but in practice, they are often lower. You are also likely to receive a warning instead of a fine in many cases.

When looking to hook up with weed in Prague, remember that while it’s often called the “Amsterdam of Eastern Europe,” it’s not entirely comparable. Smoking in public places carries the risk of receiving a fine. However, if you remain discreet and cautious during your trip, you can enjoy your cannabis without worrying about encounters with the police.

Where to Get Weed in Prague:

To hook up with weed in Prague, be aware that many tourists smoke marijuana, resulting in a significant presence of drug dealers on the streets. During the day, Wenceslas Square and the Old Town are common places to acquire weed, but they are tourist-heavy areas. At night, consider relying on big clubs and pubs, as dealers can often be found around them.

Exercise caution when dealing with vendors, as some have a reputation for defrauding tourists, and the quality of the weed may not be the best. While the typical price for weed should be around 10 Euros per gram, as a tourist, you might end up paying more. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price down if possible.

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