Weed Hook up in Reims, France

Weed Hook up in Reims

Reims serves as the capital of the Champagne region, a city steeped in historical and cultural significance. Amidst indulging in champagne tasting, exploring key attractions, and engaging in a poignant journey through a pivotal WWII site, the array of activities is abundant – even including the option to hook up with weed in Reims. Moreover, its closeness to the French capital, Paris, ensures convenient access for purchasing weed and hash in Reims.

Whether you’re contemplating a day excursion to Reims or incorporating it into an extended Champagne-focused itinerary, delve deeper into our comprehensive guide covering cannabis in Reims, France.

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Cannabis Laws in France

Hook up with weed in France is very difficult, which rank among the most rigorous within the European Union (EU). Paradoxically, France also claims the highest cannabis consumption rates in Europe. In Reims, the possession and use of cannabis are unlawful. Individuals caught with cannabis could potentially face a minimum jail term of up to one year and a fine reaching $4,000.

Both marijuana and hashish, widely sought-after substances, are prohibited in Reims. The ban extends to controlling their cultivation, importation, and the trade of THC-containing recreational cannabis. Consequently, authorized cannabis dispensaries are non-existent in Reims. Despite its widespread popularity as an illicit substance in the city, personal or recreational cannabis use remains illegal. However, specific cannabis-derived products with medicinal applications are allowed.

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How and Where to get weed in Reims

Reims maintains a fairly relaxed stance towards hook up with weed. Its proximity to Paris facilitates easier access to cannabis. The city possesses a pleasant ambiance where a considerable number of people indulge in smoking, and generally, you won’t encounter issues unless you’re carrying substantial quantities. To avoid drawing police attention, it’s advisable not to smoke in public areas.

For tourists, hook up with weed in Reims might pose some challenges. Unlike Paris, there aren’t as many dealers openly available. Locals typically have established connections for obtaining cannabis. If you’re seeking assistance, consider visiting a park or the River Vesle during late hours and approach friendly residents for guidance. Additionally, Place du Cardinal Luçon is recommended as a potential spot to find marijuana in Reims. Engaging with local students can also offer insights if you’re interested in smoking. Alternatively, exploring larger nearby cities like Paris enhances your chances of procuring cannabis.

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