Weed Hook up in Santarem, Portugal

Weed Hook up in Santarem

Santarém, situated within Portugal’s Santarém region, functions as both a city and a municipality. As of 2021, the area was inhabited by 58,671 individuals within a 552.54 km² expanse. In 2012, the city itself was home to 29,929 residents. The city is overseen by Mayor Ricardo Gonçalves, and a municipal holiday is observed on March 19th in honor of Saint Joseph.

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Cannabis Laws in Portugal – Cannabis in Santarem

Cannabis in Santarém: It’s important to note that hook up with weed remains illegal in Portugal. Portugal took a groundbreaking step in 2001 by becoming the world’s first nation to decriminalize the possession and use of all drugs, including marijuana. This initiative aimed to address drug abuse and diminish drug-related criminal activities.

According to Portuguese law, possessing minor quantities of narcotics for personal use, including marijuana, is categorized as a civil offense rather than a criminal one. Consequently, individuals found with small amounts of illicit drugs may incur fines or other civil penalties, but they will not be subject to criminal charges or imprisonment.

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Where and How to find weed in Santarem

A fundamental point to remember is that hook up with weed remains illegal in Portugal. Much like other Portuguese cities, Santarém holds a well-known spot where many people might suggest looking to obtain marijuana initially. Particularly during the evening, this area is located close to the park and the student district. It’s common to find individuals of African descent vending weed in Santarém, although they tend to demand a high price, even when the quality is satisfactory. Alternatively, hashish sold by individuals of Arab and African backgrounds is often a more affordable option.

When you encounter black or Arab individuals on the street, they might subtly offer you marijuana. Establishing eye contact could lead to them initiating a conversation.

If you’re not overly specific, you could also try your luck at some usual places, such as rocker-style bars, music venues, and hangout spots. These spots might offer a chance of success in finding weed in Santarém.

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