Weed Hook up in Strasbourg

Weed Hook up in Strasbourg

Where to hook-up with weed in Strasbourg. Strasbourg is renowned for its bureaucratic ambiance, housing judges, attorneys, and politicians. However, the city offers much beyond that. With a vibrant mix of students, tourists, and an unmistakable French flair, it captivates visitors. It is essential to note that cannabis is illegal in Strasbourg, yet it appears readily available if you know where to look. This guide will provide you with more insights into the cannabis scene in the city.

Cannabis laws in France

France has some of the strictest cannabis laws in Europe, yet it remains one of the highest cannabis-consuming countries on the continent. The younger generation, in particular, has a significant prevalence of regular cannabis use or experimentation. Despite its illegal status, the French government decriminalized marijuana possession in 2018, opting for reduced penalties. If caught with cannabis, you could now face a 200 euro fine, a notable improvement compared to the previous risk of incarceration. However, enforcement varies, and police might sometimes issue warnings without fines, entirely at their discretion. It’s essential to be aware of the laws and their implications while in France.

In France, the police are generally tolerant concerning hook-up with weed, provided you possess only small quantities and refrain from smoking while driving. However, it is crucial to avoid crossing the German border with weed, even though there are no official border checks. Complying with these guidelines will help ensure a trouble-free experience in your interactions with law enforcement.

Getting weed in Strasbourg

It’s important to be aware that hook-up with weed in Strasbourg is relatively easy. Near the major railway station or the ‘Place des Halles,’ you might encounter North African males selling hash. They might approach you and offer their products if you signal your interest with a small nod. It’s worth noting that hash is more prevalent in the city than cannabis. However, exercise caution as some sellers may attempt to deceive you, so always double-check your purchase. The usual price per gram ranges from approximately 7 to 10 euros, although tourists may often end up paying more. Stay vigilant and be cautious when engaging in such activities.

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