Weed Hook up in Stuttgart, Germany

Weed Hook up in Stuttgart:

Looking for hook up with weed in Stuttgart? As a large and prosperous city, Stuttgart offers the typical amenities found in German urban areas: good beer, nice clubs, and a few cannabis smokers. Although cannabis isn’t legal in Germany, our weed guide to Stuttgart can help you find what you seek without much difficulty.

Cannabis laws in Germany

In Stuttgart, the German drug law, also known as Betäubungsmittelgesetz, is quite lenient towards marijuana. Possessing a small amount of weed for personal use may result in a warning or a fine. Anything below 6 grams of cannabis is considered a tiny amount in the state of Stuttgart, and you’re unlikely to encounter issues with the police if you have that quantity or less. However, smoking in very public places, especially near schools or minors, may lead to harsher penalties. Engaging in the sale or cultivation or hook up with weed in Stuttgart can get you into significant trouble.

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How and where to buy weed in Stuttgart

Hook up with weed in Stuttgart is relatively straightforward. Head to popular parks like Stadtpark or Stadtgarten, where you might detect the distinct smell of weed. Approach those who are smoking and ask politely. Most of the time, they’ll be laid-back and friendly students. Expect to pay around 10 euros per gram, but be cautious as some sellers might take advantage of tourists. Always inspect the weed before making a purchase, as some sellers may provide less than what you paid for.
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