Weed Hook up in Toulouse, France

Weed Hook up in Toulouse

Where to hook-up with weed in Toulouse. Toulouse, as France’s fourth largest city, offers everything expected of a vibrant Western European metropolis. Notably, it serves as the hub for the European space industry and houses one of the world’s oldest universities. For visitors, exploring Toulouse while enjoying weed can be a delightful experience, much like any other French city. However, it’s essential to remember that cannabis remains illegal in France, so caution should be exercised. This guide will provide you with more insights into navigating the cannabis scene in Toulouse.

Cannabis laws in France

France has long had some of the strictest marijuana restrictions in Europe, setting it apart from other European countries. However, there has been a recent shift in cannabis laws. While hook-up with weed previously carried the risk of significant fines or even imprisonment, the penalties have now become milder. Most commonly, offenders may face a minor fee or a mere warning. Nevertheless, public smoking is still discouraged as fines of a few hundred euros can still be imposed. Despite Toulouse’s police being relatively lenient, and marijuana being popular among young people, it is still advisable to consume cannabis only in the privacy of one’s home to avoid any potential legal issues.

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Where to Get Cannabis in Toulouse

If you lack connections in Toulouse,hook-up with weed or hash can be challenging. Dealers are primarily located in the Arnaud Bernard district, which is also home to the university. Arab or black sellers can be found near metro stations offering low-quality cannabis or hash. If you choose to purchase from street vendors, exercise caution and thoroughly inspect the product before making any payments to avoid being deceived. The typical price for weed and hash is approximately ten euros per gram. It’s important to be vigilant and mindful of local laws and safety when seeking out such substances.

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