Weed Hook up in Traiskirchen, Austria

Weed Hook up in Traiskirchen:

Traiskirchen is a town situated in the district of Baden in Lower Austria, Austria. It lies approximately 20 km south of Vienna, in the Thermenlinie region, renowned for its wine and heurigers. The town is notable for being the home of the Traiskirchen Lions basketball team. Moreover, Traiskirchen boasts the distinction of having the oldest public astronomical observatory in Lower Austria. Additionally, the city is recognized for housing the “Bundesbetreuungsstelle für Asylwerber,” a refugee camp providing support for asylum seekers.

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Cannabis laws in Austria

In Austria, hook-up with weed remains prohibited despite its widespread availability. However, there is an exception for medicinal marijuana, which is legal. The focus of the laws and law enforcement is primarily on targeting manufacturers and dealers, rather than the general public. This creates a situation where the consequences are not excessively severe, but cannabis use is still not considered legal.
If apprehended by the police, they will attempt to determine whether the marijuana you’re carrying is for personal use or for sale. For small quantities, the maximum penalty is six months in prison.

Nevertheless, it is improbable that you will receive the maximum penalty, and as a tourist, there is a possibility that you may receive a warning instead.
As a local, you can normally expect a fine or to be enrolled in a rehabilitation program.

Where to get quality weed in Traiskirchen

Hook up with quality weed in Traiskirchen is relatively easy. The most effective way to find cannabis in Austria is to venture out and explore the city. As you explore, you are likely to encounter many smokers and dealers in parks or on the streets. However, it’s essential to be cautious of the legal ramifications, as cannabis remains banned in Austria.
It is important to be aware that if you are found with a large quantity of marijuana, the police may arrest you, suspecting you of being a dealer. On average, quality weed is priced between 10 to 20 euros per gram. Before making any transaction with a dealer, always remember to inspect the weed. Ensuring its quality and authenticity is a wise precautionary step.

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