Weed Hook up in Viti Levu, Fiji

Weed Hook up in Viti Levu

Viti Levu welcomes over 97% of Fiji’s visitors and boasts a landmass spanning 10,389 sq km (4,011 sq mi), divided into several captivating and varied regions. For many, this largest island in Fiji offers the perfect getaway they seek. In this comprehensive guide on cannabis in Viti Levu, we’ll delve into where and how to navigate this aspect during your visit.

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Cannabis Laws in Fiji

Marijuana use, both for medical and recreational purposes, remains illegal in Fiji’s Viti Levu, and there are no indications of potential changes in the legal status. Hook up with weed can result in fines and imprisonment if caught.

In Viti Levu, possessing any quantity of marijuana could lead to a three-month prison sentence. Travelers carrying medical marijuana prescriptions should obtain prior permission from Fiji’s Health Ministry to avoid legal issues, considering the absence of a formal medical marijuana program in the country. Seeking permission is crucial to prevent any potential trouble or inconvenience during the visit.

Fiji stands out due to its significant Indian-origin population, believed to have introduced marijuana to the region. However, even within this community, the ganja culture has largely faded, distinct from ancestral homelands where festivities like Holi are associated with cannabis for some. There were once sizable cannabis farms deep in the Ba valleys, but recent crackdowns may have impacted such operations.

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How and Where to buy weed in Viti Levu

Despite the limited police presence in Fiji, law enforcement is well-informed about marijuana sale locations and often maintains connections with traffickers.

To hook up with weed in Viti Levu, particularly upon arriving in Nadi, heading to the mini bus terminal in any Fijian city is suggested. You can easily catch a cab in the city and direct the driver to take you to the minibus terminal. Handicraft markets also serve as spots where marijuana is sold. In Viti Levu, bargaining is customary, including when purchasing marijuana. Prices may vary widely based on negotiation skills. Weed might be available in small tinfoil packets or pre-rolled joints, with larger purchases ranging from 30 to 50 Fijian dollars.

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