Weed Hook up in Southampton, United Kingdom

Weed Hook up in Southampton

Hook up with weed in Southampton is quite feasible. While the city is renowned for its football team sharing the same name, it offers much more than just exciting football matches. As one of the prominent cities in the United Kingdom, Southampton stands as home to one of England’s busiest ports and is steeped in a rich history, evident in its harmonious mix of modern and historic architecture. Much like any university town, locating marijuana in Southampton is relatively straightforward. Read on for our cannabis/weed guide specific to Southampton.

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Cannabis Laws in the UK: 

Cannabis was previously categorized as a Class C narcotic; however, the government has issued a reclassification, designating it as a Class B substance. So, what does this mean? If you’re found with a small quantity of marijuana, it’s highly likely that you’ll be arrested and fined at the police station. Individuals caught with marijuana three times may face imprisonment. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry—using your common sense will keep you out of trouble. Public or crowded areas prohibit smoking, but secluded parks or indoor spaces allow for cannabis consumption.

Getting cannabis/weed in Southampton

Hook up with weed in Southampton can be challenging, especially through street dealers who are often unreliable and pose a risk of potential mugging. The safer and more reliable approach is to inquire among the student community in the city. Pubs commonly frequented by students are a good starting point—asking a few people there will likely connect you to a trustworthy source. Additionally, hash is prevalent in Southampton. While the cost of cannabis can vary, a rough estimate is around £10 per gram.

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