Cannabis Hook up in Heraklion, Greece

Cannabis Hook up in Heraklion:

In 2017, Heraklion stood out as Europe’s swiftest-growing tourism hotspot, recording an impressive 11.2% increase in international arrivals, as reported by Euromonitor. The city notched the 20th spot among Europe’s most visited regions, ranked 66th globally, and secured the second position within Greece for the year 2017, boasting a total of 3.2 million visitors. In 2018, Heraklion continued its ascent, ranking 19th in Europe with 3.4 million visitors.

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Cannabis Laws in Greece

Hook up with weed in Heraklion remains illegal. However, in 2017, the Greek government took a significant step by legalizing the medical use of cannabis. A year later, they also lifted the prohibition on cannabis cultivation and production. This policy change has opened the doors for pharmaceutical companies to engage in legal cannabis cultivation and has benefited industrial hemp suppliers as well.

Greek drug laws have undergone a shift towards greater tolerance, with the minimum sentence for marijuana possession reduced to just 5 months.

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Where to get weed in Heraklion

Heraklion still maintains the prohibition on recreational cannabis use, even though Greece legalized medicinal cannabis in 2017.

If you’re looking for hook up with weed in Heraklion, you might consider approaching individuals who appear to be cannabis enthusiasts on the beach. Keep in mind that some may try to overcharge you, especially if they think you’re unfamiliar with pricing. Typically, a rate of Eur10 per gram is considered a good deal for weed in Greece, but prices can sometimes reach as high as Eur20 per gram, depending on the quality.

It’s worth noting that the available strains in Heraklion may not be as diverse or high-quality as those found in other countries due to a lack of exotic varieties. Hashish is more prevalent than traditional weed, so you may have to settle for that if you’re looking for cannabis.

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