Weed Hook up in Adana, Turkey

Weed Hook up in Adana

Adana, a prominent city in southern Turkey, is situated along the banks of the Seyhan River, approximately 35 km (22 mi) inland from the northeastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It serves as the administrative hub of the Adana Province and boasts a population of 2.26 million residents. Read more from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Adana.

Adana is located at the heart of Cilicia, a region that once held great significance in the classical world. Cilicia, now home to six million people, stands as one of the largest population concentrations in the Levant. It’s renowned for its agricultural productivity, thanks to the expansive and fertile plain of Çukurova. In addition to the inhabitants of Cilicia, the surrounding major population centers ensure that nearly 10 million people reside within a two-hour drive from the city center of Adana.

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Cannabis Law in Turkey

Turkey enforces strict regulations on cannabis, categorically prohibiting any cannabis-related activities. Paradoxically, despite these stringent laws, approximately 30% of Istanbul’s population is known to engage in cannabis consumption. It is important to note that cannabis remains illegal, and being caught with it may result in legal consequences, including the possibility of punishment and imprisonment.

The situation differs for tourists. If tourists encounter legal issues with law enforcement, there is a notable likelihood that some police officers may be open to accepting a bribe as a resolution. This illustrates the contrast in treatment between locals and tourists in the context of cannabis-related incidents in Turkey.

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Where to Get Weed in Adana

As mentioned before, a significant portion of the population in Turkey is involved in cannabis consumption, making it relatively easy to find high-quality cannabis. Many young individuals are enthusiastic cannabis users, and if you approach them with a positive attitude, they are likely to help. However, it’s advisable to exercise caution and thoroughly inspect the quality of the cannabis before making a purchase, as there have been reports of scams in these areas. Staying within well-populated areas and avoiding dimly lit alleyways is a prudent practice.

Cannabis Prices 

Even if you lack the necessary contacts, obtaining high-quality cannabis in Turkey is still achievable. Explore the recommended locations mentioned earlier, and always evaluate the cannabis quality before making a purchase. Typically, cannabis of decent quality starts at around $15 per gram. If you intend to buy larger quantities, the per-gram price may drop closer to $10. Hashish is also widely available and consumed in Turkey, and it’s an experience worth trying while you’re visiting. A well-crafted hashish brick typically costs about $5 per gram.

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