Weed Hook up in Basel, Switzerland

Weed Hook up in Basel

Basel, located at the crossroads of France and Germany, is a Swiss city boasting a unique blend of European cultures, languages, and culinary delights, making it a must-visit destination. If you fancy strolling through the streets while enjoying a joint, you’re in for a treat. Switzerland’s cannabis regulations are quite permissive, allowing for the discovery of marijuana with a bit of effort.

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Cannabis laws Switzerland

Switzerland adopts a relatively liberal and progressive stance towards marijuana, even though it remains illegal. Most tobacco shops offer low-THC joints, containing less than 1 percent THC, which don’t induce a high. While cannabis is illegal, it has been decriminalized. If caught with less than 10 grams of weed, you’ll receive a fine of 100 Swiss Francs. Generally, the police are not overly concerned if you’re simply smoking a joint and not involved in dealing, but it’s essential to avoid conspicuous behavior.

Legalization efforts have been persistent in Switzerland, and it’s highly probable that recreational cannabis will be legalized in the near future. Although there’s much work ahead, it may take several years before we can enjoy smoking pot while skiing in the Swiss Alps.

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Getting weed in Basel

Hook up with weed in Basel is relatively easy due to the relatively lenient regulations. A stroll along the Rhein’s banks will likely lead you to dealers, mainly of African and North African descent, openly selling marijuana and hashish. It’s important to thoroughly check the product before making a payment, as these individuals may attempt to deceive you. Prices typically range between 10-15 CHF per gram of cannabis, depending on the quality and your negotiation skills. However, it’s worth noting that the quality is often subpar.

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