Weed Hook up in Bern, Switzerland

Weed Hook up in Bern

If you’re a traveler who appreciates exploring beautiful cities while enjoying cannabis, then Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, should definitely be on your list. The city is renowned for its medieval architecture and captivating old town. Moreover, Bern’s nightlife is exceptional, ensuring you’ll have a fantastic time and find some weed during your visit. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, Bern will easily capture your heart.

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Cannabis Laws in Switzerland 

In Switzerland, any involvement with cannabis is strictly prohibited by law; however, in practice, law enforcement tends to be lenient regarding cannabis. If the police apprehend you with a substantial amount for personal use, you’ll likely receive a fine. Additionally, in certain cities like Bern, smoking is tolerated, and most police officers won’t press charges if they find you smoking. Just exercise caution and avoid smoking in crowded public places. As an experiment, officials in Bern are working to establish smoking clubs, aiming to legalize smoking within these venues. These clubs were anticipated to open in 2018.

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Where to Get Cannabis in Bern

Bern is a stunning city offering a plethora of attractions and activities. The city is adorned with lush parks where young crowds often gather. During a walk around the city, the distinct scent of marijuana is likely to catch your attention. If you approach people politely, they might guide you to the right source. Another area to consider is Reitschule, known for cannabis and other substances, but exercise caution to avoid scams. If you’re interested in legal marijuana, Bern provides options. Head to a local headshop and inquire about legal cannabis, which is available with a THC content of less than 1%. The positive aspect is that this legal marijuana is rich in CBD, known for its potential medical benefits.

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Cannabis Prices

Costs can significantly fluctuate based on quantity and connections within the city. Typically, a gram of high-quality cannabis is priced at around $10. Hashish is also prevalent, averaging $6 per gram. Opting for legal marijuana with low THC levels may require approximately $25 for 10 grams. Legal marijuana contains approximately 0.4 percent THC and 7% CBD and can be conveniently delivered to your location.

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