Weed Hook up in Bergamo, Italy

Weed Hook up in Bergamo

Bergamo stands out as a travel destination, boasting a fascinating mix of ancient landmarks such as the Colleoni Chapel, distinctive dual-level Upper and Lower cities, charming Piazzas, and upscale shopping districts. Situated near Milan, Bergamo also serves as an excellent location for enjoying cannabis in this part of Northern Italy. To gain comprehensive insights into cannabis laws and discover how to hook up with weed in Bergamo, delve into Friendlystoners.

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Cannabis Laws in Italy – Cannabis in Bergamo

While hook up with weed remains illegal in Italy, possessing a small amount for personal use typically results in minor consequences. Possession for personal use is considered a misdemeanor and often incurs a fine. However, selling and cultivating marijuana are strictly against the law and may lead to serious repercussions, including imprisonment. Although smoking weed is relatively more acceptable in Bergamo compared to other parts of Italy, it’s advisable to do so only in the privacy of your home.

There’s a limited legality concerning medical marijuana. Some individuals might receive it as a prescription to alleviate discomfort. Italy, along with Europe, could benefit from this, but the system remains stringent and imperfect.

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Where and How to get weed in Bergamo, Italy

If you’re unfamiliar with anyone in Bergamo, your primary option for hook up with weed is through street dealers. Both weed and hash are readily available, with hash being slightly more prevalent. Piazza Vecchia, at the heart of Città Alta, proves to be a hotspot for finding weed. Engage with the Arabs and Africans in the area and simply ask, using the Italian phrase “fumo.” In Bergamo, a gram of marijuana typically costs around 10 euros. However, the quality from street vendors can vary significantly between sellers.

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