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Amalfi stands as a charming town and municipality situated on the Gulf of Salerno within the Campania province of Italy. Nestled amidst a stunning coastal landscape, it resides at the base of a steep valley. During the period spanning from 839 to around 1200, the town of Amalfi served as the capital for the influential Duchy of Amalfi, a major player in Mediterranean commerce.
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Cannabis laws in Amalfi

Hook up with weed in Amalfi: It’s not surprising that Italy maintains relatively lenient regulations concerning cannabis. While cannabis remains illegal, possessing small amounts is often decriminalized, reducing the likelihood of arrest. If you happen to have a few grams in your possession, you might face a fine and the confiscation of your belongings. However, these legal provisions are more of a theoretical nature, as in reality, a mere warning might be applicable. Rome tends to be more permissive than the southern regions of Italy, although it’s still important to exhibit respect and refrain from smoking in iconic places like the Coliseum. In certain cases, discreet behavior and cooperation with law enforcement might even help you evade charges.

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Where and How to get weed in Amalfi

With the influx of tourists to Amalfi, hook up with weed can indeed pose challenges. In the vicinity of popular tourist spots like the beach, there are often vendors selling sunglasses. If approached, they might be able to assist you. However, opting to purchase from larger cities would likely prove more straightforward. Both Rome and Naples are relatively close by and offer greater ease in finding weed. It’s worth noting that the chances of coming across hash in Amalfi are higher compared to cannabis. While a gram generally costs around 10 euros, tourists might sometimes pay a premium for weed in Amalfi.

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