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Weed Hook up in Bonn:

Bonn, located in western Germany along the Rhine river, is renowned for the Beethoven House, a memorial honoring the composer’s birthplace. Notable landmarks include Bonn Minster, Altes Rathaus (old city hall), and Poppelsdorf Palace, which houses a mineralogical museum. The south features Haus der Geschichte, displaying post-WWII history exhibits.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany

In Bonn, as in other German cities, hook up with weed is legal for limited medical purposes but remains illegal for recreational use. Possession of small quantities may not always lead to prosecution. By 2022, around 4 million adults in Germany were estimated to be cannabis users.
After the 2021 German federal elections, the coalition announced intentions to legalize recreational cannabis in their agreement, but specific legislation has not been introduced yet.
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How to get weed in Bonn

Important to note, hook up with weed remains illegal in Germany. In Bonn, a recommended buying hotspot is near the student area, particularly at Hofgarten near the university after dark. Black sellers usually offer weed at higher prices, though it’s of decent quality. Arabs or Turks sell hash, which is also okay, and they tend to be somewhat less expensive.
Typically, either black guys or Arabs are encountered separately, not simultaneously. Initiating eye contact will prompt them to initiate the deal.
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