Weed Hook up in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Weed Hook up in Bora Bora

For those considering a trip to Bora Bora and wondering about how to hook up with weed on the island, keep reading to discover why Bora Bora is a must-visit destination… Renowned globally as a tourist hotspot, especially for its luxurious beachfront and stunning offshore resorts.

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Cannabis Laws in French Polynesia

As of March 2023, cannabis use, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes, remains illegal in Bora Bora. Being part of French Polynesia, the island adheres to the cannabis regulations of France. Manufacturing, selling, and possessing cannabis are strictly prohibited under French law. Penalties for possession vary depending on the quantity, ranging from fines to imprisonment. Cultivation and sale carry even harsher consequences, including up to 20 years of imprisonment.

There’s no indication that the French government, including Bora Bora, intends to legalize cannabis in the near future. The existing stringent policy on cannabis appears to remain unchanged.

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How and where to get weed in Bora Bora

It’s important to note that France, including French Polynesia, maintains the illegality of cannabis. However, despite this legal stance, locals have a fondness for smoking weed, and the island’s environment is conducive to its cultivation. Tourists visiting this tropical paradise are often eager to relax, willing to pay a premium for the experience.

Hook up with weed, known locally as “pakalolo” or “paka,” shouldn’t be too challenging in Bora Bora, but discretion is key. Typically, tourists seek out weed in popular spots like Matira Beach, where individuals, often locals, tend to sell weed as evening sets in. Another spot frequented by local vendors is Leopard Rays Trench in the Southern part of Bora Bora.

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