Weed Hook up in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Weed Hook up in Tahiti:

Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia’s South Pacific archipelago, comprises two parts: Tahiti Iti, the eastern peninsula, and Tahiti Nui, the larger western section. Resembling a figure-8, this destination boasts lagoons, waterfalls, black-sand beaches, and two dormant volcanoes, making it a coveted holiday destination. However if you’re contemplating a trip to Tahiti and wondering about how to hook up with weed, read on to discover why Tahiti holds its allureā€¦

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Cannabis Laws in French Polynesia

As of March 2023, hook up with weed, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes, remains illegal in Tahiti. Being part of French Polynesia, Tahiti adheres to the cannabis regulations set by France. Hence under these laws, manufacturing, selling, and possessing cannabis are strictly prohibited. Penalties for possession vary based on the quantity, ranging from fines to imprisonment. Cultivation and sale of cannabis carry even more severe consequences, potentially resulting in up to 20 years of imprisonment. There’s no indication from the French or Tahitian governments of any imminent legalization. The current stance upholds a stringent policy without any apparent plans for change.

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How and Where to get weed in Tahiti

The ideal spot happens to be “Raiatea,” situated on the Uturoa side of the island. Traveling there by plane takes around 40 minutes and costs $130 (a good option if you’re staying at a discreet hotel). However, the boat journey, taking a day and priced at $30, isn’t recommended unless this destination is your primary focus. In Raiatea, various types of marijuana, such as amnesia, bubble, skunk, whitewidow, northernlight, ultrahaze, and bubble, can be found. Upon arrival, you can inquire with young Tahitians about where to hook up with weed, also referred to as pakalolo or cannabis.

There are few locations and tips to get hook up with weed in Tahiti:

  • Near the commercial center “Carrefour” in Punauiaa, close to the bridge. Opposite Carrefour, near “Master Price,” look to the right of the building where you’ll find groups of teens and kids on bicycles hanging around. Just ask them.
  • Adjacent to the university, ISEP, keep an eye out for dark cars circling the area. If you notice them passing twice, try to make yourself noticeable or wait a bit as a dealer might approach you.
  • If you find yourself in a tight spot, there’s an option in Faaa near the airport. As you leave the airport and reach the pharmacy, start asking teens and kids on bikes for directions towards the “Heirii district.” Follow their guidance, and you’ll easily spot it. Along the way, you might navigate through worn alleys with groups of teens. If you’re bold and really in need, you could try buying in front of the Carrefour.
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