Weed Hook up in Lund, Sweden

Weed Hook up in Lund

A small Swedish city renowned for its prestigious university, Lund University, which serves as its main attraction. Tourists visiting can anticipate a vibrant city center, excellent nightlife, and a meticulously maintained Swedish urban environment. However, the outlook is less promising regarding weed. Continue reading for our insights into cannabis and where to obtain it in Lund.

Cannabis Laws in Sweden

Is weed legal in Lund? Surprisingly, cannabis is illegal in Sweden, with strict regulations in place. Possession, cultivation, and sale of weed can lead to fines or imprisonment. While it’s unlikely to receive a jail sentence for carrying a small amount, it’s still a hassle. Often, individuals are taken to the police station, where they must complete paperwork and may face hefty fines, and in rare cases, prosecution. This process is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Lund residents enjoy partying and drinking extensively, but weed is viewed unfavorably by the older generations and is considered taboo. While younger generations are more accepting, they don’t have the authority to change the laws.

How and Where to get weed in Lund

Due to the stringent regulations, finding weed in Lund can be challenging. Although sightings of people smoking weed around town are common, the best option is to travel to Copenhagen, where weed is both legal and easily accessible. Alternatively, if staying in Lund, speaking with students is advisable. While there aren’t many dealers, many students are willing to assist with their connections. If you’re unfamiliar with anyone in Lund, exploring the Botanical Garden and City Park (Stadsparken) may lead you to students who can help you procure weed or hash.

Feel free to share your comments below regarding how and where you successfully acquired weed in Lund.

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