Weed Hook up in Cape Town, South Africa

Weed Hook up in Cape Town

Cape Town is a major coastal city in South Africa, ranking as the country’s second-largest metropolis after Johannesburg. The city is celebrated for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, vibrancy, and progressive outlook. Situated near the iconic Table Mountain, Cape Town also boasts a spectacular coastline. Within the city, there are numerous fantastic spots where you can savor cannabis, locally referred to as dagga. From Friendlystoners guide, you will explore how to hook up with weed in Cape Town.

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Cannabis laws in South Africa

While hook up with weed remains prohibited in South Africa, the regulations are relatively lenient, and police enforcement is not a primary focus. If caught with a small quantity of weed for personal use, you should anticipate a fine of around $20. As long as you exercise caution and are discreet about your marijuana use, you shouldn’t face significant penalties. On the other hand, selling and cultivating cannabis are considered more serious offenses and can result in potential imprisonment.

A court ruling in 2017 declared the existing cannabis restrictions unconstitutional. If the Supreme Court upholds this decision, it could lead to the legalization of possession and cultivation for personal use in private residences.

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Where to get weed in Cape town

In Cape Town, there are a few spots where you can hook up with weed. Long Street, located in the city center, is perhaps the most accessible. Simply take a stroll, and you’ll likely encounter someone willing to provide you with what you need. Additionally, keep an eye out for Rastafarians, as they often engage in selling. However, when purchasing cannabis, exercise caution in dealing with both law enforcement and the seller. Always request to inspect the marijuana before making a payment. Another good area to explore is the Observatory neighborhood. Seek out Rastafarian individuals who may be standing outside bars, and approach them with your query; they should be able to assist you. Prices for weed typically range from 100 to 150 ZAR (7-10 euros) per gram, and it’s usually acceptable to negotiate for a lower price.

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