Weed Hook up in Durban, South Africa

Weed Hook up in Durban

Following Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban stands as the third most populous city in South Africa. Situated on the East Coast of South Africa, it is regarded as one of the country’s top destinations. Durban boasts a delightful subtropical climate and extensive sandy beaches. In general, Durban is a great place to enjoy cannabis. While marijuana is officially prohibited in South Africa, the regulations are not overly stringent, and cannabis consumption is widespread across the country. Explorer more ideas from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Durban.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

While cannabis remains prohibited in South Africa, the regulations are relatively lenient, and police enforcement is not a top priority. If caught with a small amount of marijuana for personal use, you can typically expect a fine of approximately $20. As long as you exercise caution and are not overly open about your cannabis consumption, you are unlikely to face significant penalties. On the other hand, engaging in the sale and cultivation of cannabis is considered a more serious offense, potentially resulting in imprisonment. You can get more ideas how to hook up with weed in Durban from Friendlystoners.

A court ruling in 2017 declared the current cannabis restrictions unconstitutional. If the Supreme Court approves, this could lead to the legalization of possession and cultivation for personal use within private residences.

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Getting weed in Durban

In Durban, marijuana consumption is prevalent. It’s quite common to encounter individuals, especially in street corners, who are willing to offer you cannabis or guide you to a dealer. There’s no need to be apprehensive when inquiring about cannabis, as its use is widely accepted and prevalent. Quality may vary from one vendor to another, but it’s typically of a lower grade and often cultivated outdoors. Prices are notably budget-friendly in comparison to those in Europe. You can expect to pay around 20 ZAR for a small bag containing a couple of grams, which is approximately $170 USD.

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