Weed Hook up in Dresden, Germany

Weed Hook up in Dresden:

In Dresden, the capital of Saxony, renowned for its stylish and trendy atmosphere, hook up with weed is relatively straightforward. The city’s vibrant student population, intriguing history, and alluring German attractions make it a fantastic place to visit. If you search diligently, finding weed in Dresden should not be too challenging. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to obtain cannabis/marijuana in Dresden.

Cannabis laws in Germany

Dresden exhibits an open and tolerant attitude towards narcotics, including marijuana. While regulations may vary across states, it’s generally advisable not to carry more than 6 grams of marijuana while traveling throughout Germany. By adhering to this guideline, you’ll stay within legal limits and avoid fines or jail time. Hook up with weed is illegal, so refrain from doing so. If you choose to smoke, exercise caution when driving to avoid severe consequences if caught driving while under the influence.

Where to buy weed in Dresden

In Dresden, like in many German cities, the train terminals are the primary spots to hook up with weed. Wandering around Neustadt or Albertplatz will likely lead you to dealers. However, be cautious of certain areas at night. Dealers, often African-American or Arab men, are distinguishable. Don’t hesitate to ask, as Germans are generally accepting of marijuana. Just ensure there are no police around. In Dresden, a gram of good-quality cannabis typically costs around 15 euros.
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