Weed Hook up in Evia, Greece

Weed Hook up in Evia

Evia, Greece’s second-largest island, is separated from the mainland by the narrow Euripus Strait. Despite its rugged mountainous terrain and coastal roads that often turn into dirt tracks, Evia has not fully embraced tourism. Nevertheless, this island offers a wealth of natural beauty, including stunning waterfalls and picturesque gorges in its mountainous regions, accessible via winding roads.

If you’re tired of crowded beach bars and tightly packed sun loungers, Evia’s beaches like Thapsa and Kalamos provide a refreshing change of pace. However, obtaining marijuana in Evia isn’t as straightforward as in some other Greek cities. For information on cannabis laws and where to find weed in Evia, you can refer to Friendlystoners.

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Cannabis Laws in Greece- Cannabis laws in Evia

Is cannabis legal in Evia? No, hook up with weed in Greece remains illegal for recreational use. However, there have been notable changes in the country’s cannabis laws. In 2017, the Greek government legalized the medical use of cannabis, and a year later, they lifted the ban on its cultivation and production. This shift in regulations has allowed pharmaceutical companies to legally cultivate cannabis, as well as industrial hemp suppliers.

Greek drug laws have become more lenient, leading to a reduction in the minimum sentence for marijuana possession in Evia to 5 months.

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How and Where to get weed in Evia, Greece

If you’re visiting one of Greece’s larger mainland cities, such as Athens or Thessaloniki, hook up with weed is generally easier there. Nevertheless, it is also possible to find marijuana in Evia. In the island’s larger towns like Chalcis and Karystos, and particularly at popular beaches like Kalamos Beach, you can often come across individuals, often of Black or Arab descent, who sell souvenirs to tourists. If you approach them discreetly, they are likely to be able to assist you in acquiring marijuana.

It’s worth noting that the marijuana you obtain in Evia is typically Albanian brick weed, so while it may not be of the highest quality, it should still provide the desired effects.

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