Weed Hook up in Gdansk, Poland

Weed Hook up in Gdansk

Gdansk, a prominent Polish city boasting a rich and distinguished history, sets itself apart from other cities in Poland. Situated along the Baltic shore, it beckons exploration, ideally with a laid-back atmosphere, appreciating its splendid German influence and architecture. While cannabis is not easily accessible in Poland, we’ve assembled a guide to help you navigate how to hook up with weed in Gdansk.

Cannabis Laws in Poland

Marijuana is prohibited in Poland, much like in the majority of Eastern European nations. However, if you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana for personal use, you may not face severe repercussions and could be subject to a fine. Trafficking or possessing a significant quantity of marijuana could result in up to a ten-year prison sentence. While Poland has stringent cannabis laws, first-time offenders with a small amount are typically not heavily penalized. The outcome can vary based on the arresting police officer, so it’s advised to remain courteous and avoid disrespectful behavior. In recent years, there has been a growing movement in Poland advocating for cannabis legalization. However, legalization is not expected in the near future. On a different note, medicinal marijuana is legally permitted in the country. Explorer more from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Gdansk.

Where to get weed in Gdansk

Marijuana holds the title of the most popular drug among young adults in Warsaw, mirroring its status in other major Polish cities. Connecting with locals proves to be the simplest way to acquire cannabis. If that’s not an option, asking around is your next best approach. In Gdansk, bartenders and club promoters often serve as valuable sources to help you find cannabis. Sopot, a nearby city just a short 15-minute train ride away, is a favored tourist spot where obtaining weed is notably easier. The quality of marijuana available in Poland can vary from dealer to dealer, with the average price per gram typically hovering around 10 euros.

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