Weed Hook up in Warsaw, Poland

Weed Hook up in Warsaw

Where to hook up with weed in Warsaw, Poland. If you’re planning a visit to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, be ready to explore a city with a medieval charm, showcasing unique Gothic churches and captivating street art. These are some of the attractions that lead people to seek cannabis in Warsaw.

Friendlystoners provides a brief guide on obtaining and using weed in Poland’s capital city, Warsaw.

Cannabis Laws in Poland:

Cannabis remains prohibited in Poland, aligning with the stance in most Eastern European nations. It’s intriguing that drug use isn’t deemed a crime, but possessing even small quantities can lead to severe consequences. Cannabis is categorized alongside dangerous substances like cocaine and heroin, creating significant challenges for marijuana users. However, the government’s approach to cannabis usage is gradually becoming less strict each year. If caught with a small amount of weed, charges may be pressed, but first-time offenders with a small quantity for personal use often see these charges dismissed. Selling cannabis is a serious offense and can result in a lengthy prison sentence. Poland took a positive step towards comprehensive cannabis legalization by legalizing medicinal marijuana in 2017.

Where to Get Cannabis in Warsaw:

Exploring hangout spots popular among locals is the most effective way to find good quality cannabis. Explore nearby pubs, clubs, parks, and neighborhoods; chances are high that you’ll encounter someone who either smokes or can guide you. Pola Mokotowskie, a renowned park often visited by students, is known to have many marijuana users. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that despite weed being illegal in Poland, you might stumble upon a marijuana plant while wandering around the city.

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Cannabis in Poland (Warsaw) – Prices

Prices for cannabis vary based on quality, with an average gram of decent quality bud typically priced at 8 euros. If you’re looking for a higher-grade class, anticipate paying around 12 euros per gram. For those who prefer hash over cannabis, it’s important to note that it is more challenging to acquire and usually costs about 12 euros per gram. In Warsaw, you can expect to find and consume only high-quality weed, but be cautious as being caught could have severe consequences. While the cost of weed is a bit higher, the quality justifies the price. Smoking in less crowded areas ensures your safety.

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