Weed Hook up in Lesbos, Greece

Weed Hook up in Lesbos

Lesbos, also known as Lesvos, is the third-largest Greek island, despite its proximity to the Turkish coast. Renowned for its name and reputation as a prominent vacation destination in Greece, Lesbos is also notably favored by the LGBTQ community. Enjoying cannabis in picturesque settings like beaches and landscapes can be a wonderful idea on this island. However, it’s important to note that Greek cannabis laws are among the strictest in Europe, making it quite challenging to find marijuana in Lesbos. Read on more how to hook up with weed here.

Cannabis Laws in Greece – Cannabis laws in Lesbos

Is marijuana legal in Lesbos? Hook up with weed in Greece remains illegal. However, in 2017, the Greek government legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, and a year later, they removed the prohibition on its cultivation and production. This change allows pharmaceutical companies to legally cultivate marijuana, and it also benefits industrial hemp suppliers.

Over time, Greek drug laws have become more lenient. Consequently, the minimum sentence for marijuana possession in Lesbos has been reduced to 5 months.

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How and Where to get weed in Lesbos, Greece

In Lesbos, hook up with weed is an exceptionally challenging task. Street weed vendors are virtually non-existent on the island, which is relatively small in size. While approaching some locals working in the service sector at places like Skala Eressos Beach and Agios Isidoros Beach might yield results, it’s not recommended. The majority of them are conservative and reluctant to sell due to the stringent regulations. If you’re looking to secure marijuana, it’s advisable to explore more renowned destinations like Athens or Mykonos, where your chances are considerably higher.

As for the price of weed in Lesbos, due to its scarcity, it tends to be relatively expensive. A gram of decent quality marijuana can cost around 15 euros or even more. Hashish, on the other hand, is somewhat less expensive in Lesbos, with a gram available for under 10 euros.

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