Weed Hook up in Medellin, Colombia

Weed Hook up in Medellin

Colombia is a highly sought-after tourist destination, and one of its premier cities is Medellin, the capital of the Antioquia province. This city is affectionately known by many names, with “The City of Eternal Spring” being one of the most recognized. The pleasant year-round climate is the basis for this nickname, making Medellin an ideal choice if you’re seeking a place to rejuvenate. The city is renowned for its numerous hills and mountains, drawing outdoor sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With a growing influx of tourists and expats each year, you may be curious to explore the cannabis scene in Medellin. Explorer more ideas how to hook up with weed in Medellin from the best weed guide Friendlystoners.

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Cannabis Laws in Colombia

Cannabis and associated activities are no longer considered illegal in Colombia; however, they remain subject to regulation. Colombian law enforcement is actively committed to reducing both cocaine and cannabis consumption. If you plan to indulge in smoking in Medellin, exercising caution, especially when doing so in public spaces, is crucial. Individuals found in possession of smaller amounts of drugs may sometimes find resolution by offering small bribes when confronted by the police. However, severe penalties can be expected if you are caught with significant quantities. It’s worth noting that Colombian law enforcement is often associated with corruption and may see opportunities to solicit bribes from tourists. In recent years, medical marijuana has gained legal recognition in the country. Get more information from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed.

Where to Get Weed in Medellin

In Medellin, hook up with weed is quite convenient, as it seems to be available at every turn. Given the city’s high volume of tourists and expatriates, exploring backpacker hostels or making connections with fellow Westerners can be a helpful strategy. Building a rapport with a local who has connections to reliable sources is the most effective way to access high-quality cannabis. Simply strolling around the city may result in multiple individuals approaching you with offers of cannabis. While this can be tempting, exercising caution when dealing with street vendors is crucial. Avoid making advance payments and always assess the quality before making a purchase.

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Cannabis Prices

Cannabis in Medellin is predominantly grown in outdoor settings within nearby communities. Although the quality may vary, you can consistently find substantial quantities at budget-friendly prices. For instance, an ounce of medium-quality cannabis typically costs around $50. If you have established connections, you might secure an even better deal, but for those without such connections, street vendors offer ounces at a more affordable rate, albeit with somewhat lower quality. It may not be top-notch, but it gets the job done.

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