Weed Hook up in Mumbai, India

Weed Hook up in Mumbai

Mumbai, situated on India’s western coast, is a densely populated city. Despite marijuana being prohibited in India, it is readily available, especially in Mumbai. Here is a detailed guide on acquiring and consuming cannabis in Mumbai, India. The world’s best weed guide Friendlystoners give you ideas how to hook up with weed in Mumbai

Cannabis continues to be against the law, and individuals caught can face sentences ranging from six months to two years in prison.

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Cannabis laws in India

While cannabis is officially illegal, it often doesn’t raise significant concerns among local authorities. It is commonly observed that dealers openly sell their products on the streets with minimal consequences. Frequently, one can stroll through different neighborhoods and detect the distinct smell of freely smoked hash in the air.

Cannabis Prices

The cost of cannabis varies depending on where you buy it. In Colaba, you can expect average prices ranging from 100 to 700 rupees (approximately two to ten dollars) per gram. However, with some knowledge and the right sources, you can find moderate-quality weed for as low as 20 cents for a quarter ounce. The price of hash is determined by its quality, and on average, decent quality hash can be purchased for about 500 rupees (around eight dollars) per five grams.

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