Weed Hook up in New Delhi, India

Weed Hook up in New Delhi

India stands as a top destination for those eager to immerse themselves in one of the world’s most diverse and vibrant cultures. New Delhi, the capital of India, is a truly captivating city. While it is renowned for its temples and sacred sites, that’s just the beginning of its offerings. For a deep dive into authentic Indian cuisine and flavors, New Delhi is the ultimate destination. Acquiring cannabis in this city is relatively straightforward, with lenient enforcement of laws against this illegal substance. Keep reading from the top weed guide Friendlystoners to discover how to obtain weed in New Delhi and how to indulge in it.

Cannabis laws in New Delhi, India

While cannabis is officially prohibited, it generally does not draw significant attention from local authorities. Reports suggest that street dealers openly vend their products with minimal consequences. Frequently, one can stroll through various neighborhoods and detect the distinct scent of hashish being openly consumed on the streets.

Where to Get Cannabis in New Delhi

Given the city’s overall openness to cannabis and widespread usage among residents, acquiring marijuana in the city is surprisingly straightforward, even if you lack personal connections. A visit to any bhang shop and a straightforward request for marijuana will often suffice. If you’re seeking higher-quality cannabis, engaging tuk-tuk drivers during your journey is another viable option. Just remember to engage in some haggling to secure a good deal. Alternatively, if you prefer a more casual approach, simply exploring the city can frequently lead you to individuals openly smoking or businesses selling bongs.

Cannabis Prices in New Delhi

In terms of expenses, New Delhi offers a delightful surprise with its affordability compared to other parts of the world. The typical price for 10 grams of outdoor-grown cannabis is approximately $3. While the taste is commendable, the quality may not be top-tier. If you’re after something of better quality and potency, consider opting for hashish. A gram of high-quality hashish starts at just $7.

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